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"We Bring the mountains to you"

Welcome to Brisbane Altitude Centre

 Located in Milton, about 2km from Brisbane CBD, we provide simulated altitude training to enhance athletic performance, improve recovery, prepare people for trips to high altitude (Mt. Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Aconcogua) and supports general health, weight loss and wellbeing.

Business Hours

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Maximise Your Performance

Altitude training is ideal preparation for maximising your personal performance. 
We can increase your endurance, speed and improve your recovery. We can also assist in rehabilitation following injury.
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Maintain your wellbeing 

Altitude training is a form of adaptive medicine that can be used to assist with a variety of conditions.

Prepare for the climb 

As you climb higher, the air gets thinner. Each lungful at altitude gives you less oxygen so your body has to work harder to maintain the supply. To successfully reach the heights you need to pre-acclimatise your body to better cope with the lower oxygen levels at altitude.

We have Brisbane's only 5-Person Altitude Chamber, bringing the "Mountains to You" - up to 5092m or 11% Oxygen.
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