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Training at Altitude has been used to improve athletic performance for decades. 
Since the Mexico Olympic Games (when the effects of Altitude on Sports Performance were first made obvious) many teams and individuals use Altitude Training as part of their preparation.
climbing preperation


SAT will help athletes of all standards reach their optimal performance potential: improvements in repeat sprint effort; oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and other cardio-vascular improvements are all facilitated by altitude training. 

SAT is a time-efficient and scientifically based training tool that can form part of any athletes training program- from the elite to the weekend warrior.

Benefits for Sports Performance include:
• Enhanced power output and speed
• Improved strength and endurance
• Increased exercise-till-exhaustion (ETE) time
• Reduced recovery time after exertion
• Decreased resting heart-rate and blood pressure
• Maintenance of cardiovascular fitness when injured
• Diminished overall fatigue

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